Indonesian Teachers Association (IGI) Toke Stage at International Edutech Asia Conference Singapore 2023


Singapore, IGI.OR.ID – The Indonesian Teachers Association (IGI) played a prominent role at the recently concluded Edutech Asia Conference, held at the Sand Expo in Singapore on November 8-9, 2023. Five distinguished members of IGI—Jasman, Fafa, Rina, Rudi, and Vera—participated as keynote speakers, contributing their insights to the largest Edutech Expo in Asia, where a total of 300 speakers engaged in dynamic discussions. November 10, 2023.

The Edutech Asia Committee extended their appreciation to IGI for their valuable partnership and contributions to the conference. Being selected as partners was a testament to IGI’s commitment to advancing education through technology. The involvement of IGI members as speakers added a unique perspective to the discourse on the integration of technology and education.

Jasmansyah, as the Chairperson of IGI, expressed gratitude to the Edutech Asia Committee for the invitation, highlighting the honor it bestowed upon IGI. He acknowledged the committee’s effort in bringing together educators, innovators, and industry leaders on a global platform to discuss the latest trends and advancements in education technology.

The conference featured an impressive lineup of 300 speakers who shared their expertise on various aspects of education technology. The presentations by IGI members mostly addressed crucial issues related to the role of technology in transforming the educational landscape.

The Edutech Asia Committee reciprocated the appreciation, commending IGI for their active participation and insightful contributions. The collaboration between IGI and the committee was deemed a success, marking a significant step toward fostering innovative solutions in education.

Jasmansyah acting as chairperson of IGI concluded by emphasizing the greatness of the event, recognizing its impact on shaping the future of education in Indonesia and beyond. The Edutech Asia Conference served as a platform for fruitful discussions, networking opportunities, and the exchange of ideas, reinforcing the commitment of IGI to stay at the forefront of educational advancements. [JS]